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EasyPraise Worship Software - EasyPraise Praise and Worship Presentation Software

EasyPraise™ is a very easy to use church praise and worship software packed with a lot of features that enables small to medium size churches easily and effectively operate their meetings, services and other church related events.

When used in conjunction with any PC, Laptop and suitable projector, EasyPraise will output audio/video, Bible verses, messages, song lyrics, and other media to a projector screen or TV screen (if your computer has the necessary connectors).

Compared to many other church worship software available on the market today which require so many hardware addons, EasyPraise™ is very affordable, easy to use, and very good value for money, especially for start-up churches, ministries, meetings and other Christian events.

EasyPraise Worship SoftwareThe EasyPraise church worship software gives you full access and control to all media files, Bible verses, song and song lyrics, video files and the inspiring praise worship backgrounds which are essential for modern church praise worship. This enables the effective communication of life’s most important message: the Word, to all Christians.

The EasyPraise worship software can be easily installed and operated in just a few short clicks. EasyPraise also has both an off-screen operation mode whereby you can run the software using “hotkeys” instead of the point and click method, as well as a point and click operation mode.

This is vital for live projections, and seamless operation which simulates a TV type screen switching view. These easy to use and enhanced features of the EasyPraise worship software makes it a great value for money compared to many other praise and worship software available on the market today.

EasyPraise™ System Requirements:

  1. Windows ME, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Operating Systems
  2. Minimum of P3 or higher+ GHz Processor
  3. Minimum of 512MB of RAM or higher
  4. Standard Video/Graphics Card Installed
  5. Minimum Microsoft DirectX 8+ Installed

Prayer groups, churches, worship teams, praise and worship event organisers, gospel artists enjoy the very many benefits of using EasyPraise praise worship and presentation software in comparison to many other available praise and worship software.

Because of the many benefits of using EasyPraise, it’s been dubbed the “best praise and worship software” for small, and start-up churches, and even the bigger, more established churches. It is also a great tool for live worship and gospel event organisers.

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