EasyPraise Bible Verses

If you want to display Bible verses on TV screens for church services or events, display text for praise worship or if you are just looking for affordable easy praise worship programs to show lyrics of songs and Bible verses for church service, then EasyPraise is the church worship program for you.

EasyPraise has a Bible verses screen to display any Bible verses you wish to use for your worship session and events. You can select the Bible verses from the EasyPraise default onboard Bible (King James) for use during your service. EasyPraise inludes other Bible translations for you to select from. To prepare the Bible verses or edit the existing Bible verses files, use the EasyPraise Bible verses menu.

EasyPraise™ has been dubbed the “best praise and worship software” for small, and start-up churches and even the bigger more established churches. It is also a great tool for live worship event organisers.

If you have any questions and would like to contact us about the EasyPraise™ praise and worship software, please complete the EasyPraise contact form.