EasyPraise Backgrounds

EasyPraise has a praise and worship backgrounds feature to enable you select and display background images for the different screens projected by EasyPraise. Each screen displayed by Easy Praise (except video and dvd) can have a specific worship background image to suit... More »

EasyPraise Bible Verses

If you want to display Bible verses on TV screens for church services or events, display text for praise worship or if you are just looking for affordable easy praise worship programs to show lyrics of songs and Bible verses for church service, then EasyPraise is the church worship program for you... More »

EasyPraise Bookstore Items

EasyPraise has a Bookstore screen to display any items you have in your Bookstore and wish to offer your congregation. To prepare the Bookstore items or edit the existing Bookstore file, use the EasyPraise Bookstore menu... More »

EasyPraise Songs Library

EasyPraise church song projection software has a song library with some bundled classic and modern praise and worships songs that come from Bible verses. The songs library feature enables you select mp3 audio files for use in your praise and worship sessions or other events... More »

EasyPraise Video Library

EasyPraise also has a video library feature to enable you select, queue and preview videos to be used for your worship. You will find the video files in video library if you have any files there. You can also drag and drop queued videos to reorder them for playback as you like... More »


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