EasyPraise 8.0 Released

The EasyPraise™ team is happy to announce the release of the latest version of EasyPraise™ (version 8.0) praise worship and presentation software which is now available for licensed purchase and download.

Improvements and enhancements include:

  1. Combined use of images/video backgrounds for worship.
  2. Short key combination replaced with single short keys.
  3. Font type size zoom-in and zoom-out for displayed text.
  4. Display and scrolling of a selected Bible chapter added.
  5. Display and scrolling of single and multiple Bible verses.
  6. Display text fade-out effects added to displayed screens.
  7. Displayed splash text scrolling, fade-in fade-out effects.
  8. Mini and full screen text overlays on all display screens.
  9. Text overlay scrolling, fade-out, and background effects.
  10. Picture-in-picture live camera feed snapshot on screens.
  11. Supports multiple text colors, images and motion videos.
  12. Display your church logo (animated or still) on screens.
  13. Lots of worship images backgrounds and motion videos.
  14. Redundant features removed due to customers request.
  15. Much leaner, faster, and efficient praise worship system.

EasyPraise™ enables the effective sharing and communication of life’s most important message: God’s Word to all Christians. Don’t wait any longer, hurry now and purchase a license to secure your copy of EasyPraise!

PLEASE NOTE: After you’ve purchased a license, you can download EasyPraise. You can also request EasyPraise in CD format when you purchase a license. If you require EasyPraise software in CD format, please select the “License + Download + CD” price option.

If you have any questions and would like to contact us about the EasyPraise™ praise and worship software, please complete the EasyPraise contact form on our contact page.