EasyPraise Songs Library

EasyPraise church song projection software has a song library with some bundled classic and modern praise and worships songs that come from Bible verses. The songs library feature enables you select mp3 audio files for use in your praise and worship sessions or other events.

You can select and queue songs to be used for your worship or event from the songs library if you have song files in the audio files folders of EasyPraise. You can also drag and drop queued songs to reorder them for playback as you like.

We do not distribute or sell songs, so EasyPraise users must add songs they like to their EasyPraise song Library just as you would do with your computer, iPod or other media devices. You can do this by adding your songs to the EasyPraise audio files folder and also add the song lyrics for the songs to the EasyPraise songs folder.

You may queue audio song files in either full version or instrumental mp3s format as well as the lyrics for the songs you want to use for your worship or events. To select songs for your worship or event, or edit the existing songs queued, just select the EasyPraise song library feature and its options to manage your songs.