EasyPraise™ License

EasyPraise™ is affordable, easy to use, and great value for money, especially for start-up churches, ministries, meetings and also useful for other Christian events.

EasyPraise™ has been dubbed the “best praise and worship software” for small, and start-up churches and even the bigger more established churches. It is also a great tool for live worship event organisers.

EasyPraise is available for download after you purchase our multi-user license. Buy an EasyPraise software license and download EasyPraise now! After you have purchased an EasyPraise license, you can download EasyPraise and will also receive a CD copy of EasyPraise.

EasyPraise Worship Software

EasyPraise™ 9.0 Software License
Multi-user License + Download + CD
Price: $384.70



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If you have any questions and would like to contact us about the EasyPraise™ praise and worship software, please complete the EasyPraise contact form on our contact page.