:: EasyPraise Video Splash

EasyPraise Worship Software - EasyPraise Praise and Worship Presentation Software

EasyPraise has a text overlay feature (video splash) to display full screen text overlay messages like agendas, announcements and other messages on top of a displayed screen.

This is mainly used to text overlay on a video file being played but can also be used on other displayed screen on the fly. The text overlay feature can be access by selecting the the Video Splash feature from the EasyPraise menu.

Once you have edited/updated the text to overlay your video screens, you can then use it by using the following shortcut keys:

  1. Press C – To change the color of displayed text to any color.
  2. Press I – To start/stop playing interlude music with overlay.
  3. Press Q – To display mini text overlay on displayed screens.
  4. Press Z – To zoom-in/zoom-out the font size of displayed text.
  5. Press ESC – To close the video text splash overlay screen.

The use of keyboard hotkeys in EasyPraise is important because it allows you hide/show (M) the PC or laptop mouse whilst still allowing you access and control the program in a seamless manner during praise and worship events.

EasyPraise is available in electronic download format. EasyPraise may also be ordered in cd format. However, an additional charge to cover postage and handling will apply depending on the destination. Please contact us for additional costs if you require EasyPraise in cd format.