:: Dual/Multi-Screen Display

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The EasyPraise worship software can be operated in either a single screen or dual (multi-screen) mode. The dual/multi-screen display capability of EasyPraise for projections allows for a seamless operation which simulates a TV type screen switching view. Audiences benefit from multiple displays without the disruption mouse movements on the projected (focus) screen during operation.

In a dual/multi-screen mode, your laptop or Pc is the primary [1] screen and the projector is the secondary [2] screen. The default display mode is single screen. To setup your projector screen to be an extension of your primary desktop, you must change your computer display settings to dual screen mode as shown in the diagrams below. This is done by changing the computer display properties commonly found in laptops and Pcs.

Dual/Multi-Screen Display Settings
Dual/Multi-Screen Display Settings

Once you have changed the display settings to dual screen mode, you should start EasyPraise, go to menu (F3), then settings, and click the Dual Screen option. After you’ve done this, exit and restart EasyPraise for the new settings to be applied. EasyPraise will now run in a dual/multi screen mode. You can switch back to using EasyPraise in a single screen mode by reversing the steps you completed above. See also http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307873 for help.

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