:: EasyPraise License Activation

EasyPraise Worship Software - EasyPraise Praise and Worship Presentation Software

If you have a prior installation of EasyPraise on your system, please uninstall it prior to installing the latest EasyPraise™ software. Its also important that your Windows system is up to date as any missing files may affect your installation.

After you have installed EasyPraise on your system, please start-up EasyPraise, then select “License” from the help menu by pressing the F3 keyboard shortcut on your computer.

The F3 keyboard shortcut pops-up the EasyPraise menus. You should then click the “License” menu and then insert the activation information we sent to you in the respective fields. This will activate your copy of EasyPraise.

*Please ensure your Laptop or PC is connected to the internet in order to connect to EasyPraise™ activation server, otherwise you will not be able to activate your EasyPraise license.

EasyPraise License Activation

EasyPraise is available in electronic download format. EasyPraise may also be ordered in cd format. However, additional costs, including postage and handling will apply depending on destination. Please contact us for additional costs if you require EasyPraise in cd format.

If you have any questions and would like to contact our sales or support team about EasyPraise praise and worship software, please complete the EasyPraise contact form on our contact page.